Coodes advent calendar of legal quirks

Mon 23rd Dec 2019

To count down to Christmas the team at Coodes Solicitors decided to create an advent calendar with a difference. Instead of the usual chocolate treats or festive pictures, behind our calendar doors are interesting, unusual and downright bizarre legal facts from throughout history. We have been revealing them each day in the run up to Christmas on our social media channels.

Day 1

A radio station was successfully sued for £8,000 because they tried to dupe the contestants with a model of a Renault Clio instead of the real thing.

Day 2

It is illegal to handle salmon in ‘suspicious circumstances’ under The Salmon Act of 1986. The Law Commission haven’t defined what being ‘suspicious’ with a salmon means.

Day 3

Since 1839 it has been against the law to carry a ladder, plank or pole on a pavement in London. The maximum fine is £500. However, this is allowed if you are loading or unloading or entering a property.

Day 4

A lawyer once attempted to sue a casino of £20million for her gambling addiction. She argued that the casino had a duty to notice her gambling problem and cut her off.

Day 5

You could be fined if you jump the ticket queue on the London Underground.

Day 6

It is illegal to draw on or stamp a bank note.

Day 7

In 2008 Pringles went to court and proved they’re not wholly potato crisps – avoiding paying VAT.

Day 8

Flying a kite and ‘causing a nuisance’ can land you with a fine of up to £500.

Day 9

Since 1994, McDonalds have been obliged to state ‘hot contents’ on their cups due to a women in the USA suing them $640,000 for spilling their coffee onto herself.

Day 10

Under the Licensing Act 1872, it’s an offence to be drunk in charge of a horse.

Day 11

Since 1839 it has been illegal to shake a rug in the street after 8am. It’s stated in the Metropolitan Police Act, section 60.

Day 12

It’s against the law to wear armour in Parliament. Dating back to 1313, this law was originally written in French and is called a Statute Forbidding Bearing of Armour.

Day 13

It’s against the law the drive cows down the roadway without the permission of the Commissioner of Police.

Day 14

It’s illegal for common dogs to mate with Queen’s dogs.

Day 15

It’s against the law to fire a cannon within 300 yards of a dwelling house.

Day 16

It is illegal to be drunk on licensed premises.

Day 17

The law states that all beached whales and sturgeons must be offered to the Reigning Monarch.

Day 18

It’s against the law to import potatoes into England that are from Poland.

Day 19

It is an offence to be drunk and in charge of cattle in England and Wales.

Day 20

It is illegal to activate your burglar alarm without first nominating a ‘key-holder’ who can switch it off in your absence.

Day 21

All unmarked swans belong to the Queen meaning it is illegal to eat them.

Day 22

It is illegal to keep a pig sty at the front of your house but if your deeds allow, the back garden is fine.

Day 23

Be careful who you ask for spare change- it is illegal to ask a stranger as it is seen as begging.

Day 24

Judges and lawyers wear wigs because no-one has bothered to update their dress code for about 300 years.

Day 25

Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas for 13 years. After the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell banned all types of festivities. Shops had to stay open all day and soldiers patrolled the streets, seizing any food which was being prepared for Christmas celebrations.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mon 23rd Dec 2019

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