Investors in People: what does it mean for our clients and team?

Fri 30th Sep 2022

Coodes is proud to hold the silver Investors in People (IIP) accreditation. HR Manager Becky Hosken explains what it means for our clients and team…

Our ongoing commitment to Investors in People over the years clearly demonstrates how we, as a firm, go above and beyond when it comes to developing a highly motivated and highly skilled team at Coodes.

Investors in People is a well-established and well-recognised accreditation which we have held since 1998. We achieved the silver standard in 2021, a proud achievement, particularly off the back of a very turbulent couple of years for staff during the pandemic.

Investors in People is something that employees look for when considering their next career move and it is not just about prioritising the most senior people in the business, it is about recognising leadership throughout the firm.

A skilled workforce is also good for the wider community, offering well paid and well rewarded jobs in Cornwall. It is important to keep your talent right here and not lose out to other parts of the country.

What does it mean for clients?

I think Investors in People is important to our clients because it is a quality mark of assurance – they can be assured that because we value IIP so highly within the firm, it quite simply demonstrates our commitment to investing in our people. Their expertise and experience is what our clients value above all else. It’s the reason they come to us over other legal firms.

Although it may not necessarily be the first thing our clients look for when deciding on a legal firm, it is relevant because it is an accreditation that they will be familiar with, something they recognise. Investors in People has been established since 1991 and is used by companies and organisations across all sectors around the world, so it holds real credibility.

It stands to reason that if you have employees who are engaged, well-supported, well-led, and interested in what is happening within the firm, that naturally leads to better quality service for our clients overall and a happier, more successful company.

What does it mean for our team?

Investors in People is only awarded to companies that demonstrate they improve the performance of the business through staff development. It also acts as a health check to make sure that we maintain our high standards. It showcases our strong leadership and vision along with our culture of staff improvement.

As part of the process, we undergo regular rigorous assessments looking at all areas of the business from client services to risk and case management. Members of the team from a broad cross-section of the firm are interviewed and asked for their feedback – what we are doing well and what could be improved. It gives staff an opportunity to have those conversations, impartially and confidentially, and we absolutely hear their voices. That is what sets us apart.

The feedback that we receive about our management and processes is superb and reinforces our belief that we are excellent employers and a good law firm to work for.

Challenging times

In a tough, challenging, ever-changing and competitive employment field, where employers (not just in the legal sector) are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain good staff, Investors in People is our USP. Having IIP status is arguably even more relevant in today’s marketplace.

Investors in People has three pillars – leading, improving and supporting and it’s about recognising the importance of continuous improvement within the business. It helps to send a clear message to both staff and clients that we care about them, we look after them and we promote a positive culture – its independent external validation of our good practices.

What is good about Investors in People is that it holds us accountable to our staff and clients, in a way that perhaps some organisations don’t. It challenges us, makes us hungry for further development and we never rest on our laurels.

More information about our Investors in People accreditation can be found here.

Fri 30th Sep 2022

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