Spotting the Signs of Domestic Abuse: Recognising the Invisible Scars

Wed 11th Oct 2023

Domestic abuse is often referred to as the “silent epidemic” because it thrives in secrecy and darkness.

As part of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, educating ourselves about the signs of domestic abuse is crucial. By recognising these signs, we can better support survivors and work towards a world where domestic abuse has no place.

Understanding Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is not confined to physical violence; it can take many forms, each equally damaging to the survivor’s well-being. Identifying these signs is a critical first step in helping someone who may be trapped in an abusive relationship.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the most visible form of domestic violence. It includes acts like hitting, slapping, kicking, and choking. Signs of physical abuse may include:

  • Unexplained bruises, cuts, or injuries.
  • Frequent visits to the hospital or emergency room.
  • Wearing concealing clothing, even in hot weather, to hide injuries

Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Emotional and psychological abuse can be insidious and long-lasting. It includes behaviours like verbal insults, manipulation, and control. Signs may include:

  • Frequent humiliation, belittlement, or criticism.
  • Isolation from friends and family.
  • Constant fear or anxiety.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse involves controlling someone’s finances to make them dependent on the abuser. Signs include:

  • Limited access to money or financial information.
  • Being forced to account for every penny spent.
  • Preventing the victim from working or pursuing education.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse includes any non-consensual sexual activity within a relationship. Signs may include:

  • Unwanted sexual advances or coercion.
  •  Forced participation in sexual acts against one’s will.
  • Fear or anxiety related to intimate situations


Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse where the abuser manipulates the victim’s perception of reality. Signs include:

  • Consistently denying or trivialising the victim’s experiences.
  • Shifting blame onto the victim.
  •  Making the victim doubt their own sanity or memory.

Intimidation and Threats

Intimidation involves instilling fear in the victim through threats or aggressive behaviour. Signs may include:

  • Frequent threats of physical violence.
  • Destroying property or possessions as a form of intimidation.
  • Making the victim feel constantly on edge.

Control and Isolation

Abusers often exert control by isolating their victims from friends and family. Signs include:

  • Monitoring or controlling the victim’s phone, social media, or online activity.
  • Decisions made solely by the abuser without input from the victim.
  • Isolating the victim from their support system.

What Can You Do?

If you suspect someone may be experiencing domestic abuse, it’s essential to approach the situation with care and sensitivity. Offer your support and let them know they’re not alone. Encourage them to seek help from professionals or organisations specialising in domestic violence support.


Telephone: 0808 2000 247


Telephone:01823 334 244


Telephone: 0300 777 4777

Spotting the signs of domestic abuse is a crucial step in breaking the cycle of violence. By understanding the various forms of abuse and offering support to survivors, we can contribute to a society where domestic abuse is not tolerated.

Wed 11th Oct 2023

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