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Clare’s Law – Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme

Posted on May 06, 2015, by Sarah Evans

A year on from its introduction, Sarah Evans of Coodes Solicitors examines the impact of the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, known as Clare’s Law.

“Named in memory of domestic abuse victim Clare Wood, Clare’s Law gives concerned members of the public the right to make enquires to the police about a partner or about someone who is in a relationship with a friend or family member.

“I have watched this law in action and it is fair to say that it can really make a difference. One particular person who I have advised was informed under the ‘Right to Know’ scheme of the very serious physical and sexual risk a new partner posed. This enabled all of the agencies involved with her to act quickly to support her to end the relationship safely and take steps to protect herself. The woman in question felt empowered by having all the information made available to her and it was clear to me that if this had not occurred then she would have continued with the relationship.

“I work closely with various domestic violence support groups and find that many people are unaware of their right to request information about a partner.  If you have concerns about your partner or are worried that a friend or family member is at risk because of their relationship, then use Clare’s Law to request information. You can contact the police on 101 and your enquiry will be allocated to a specialist Domestic Violence Officer.

“At Coodes Solicitors we can support victims of abuse to separate from their partners safely and Legal Aid is available if you are on a low income. When you have made the decision to separate we can help you stay safe.“

To find out more about the support Coodes can offer anyone experiencing domestic violence, see our domestic abuse violence web page.


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