Why hire a project manager for your home renovation or extension?
Home renovation - project manager

Why hire a project manager for your home renovation or extension?

Posted on June 12, 2017

Are you considering a major home renovation or extension? We outline the benefit of hiring a project manager.

Given the cost of a home renovation project it is hardly surprising that people look at where to save money. While few people would attempt to build their own extension, many decide they can do without a project manager and instead attempt to coordinate the works themselves. Most of us know when we need a professional plumber or electrician but I suspect fewer people understand what a project manager does.

Coordinating the timing and phasing of the project

A project manager is responsible for managing the timing and phasing of the project. As anyone who has had any building work done knows, projects rarely run to schedule and unexpected problems often arise.  A good project manager will spot potential problems early and will make sure things go as smoothly as possible.  Many delays and cost increases are caused by clients changing their mind part way through the build process. A project manager will help manage this change process.

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Managing trades

A project manager should ensure trades, such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, are brought in at the right time. Having a project manager should take away the hugely time consuming and stressful role of managing multiple tradespeople. It should make the project much more efficient, and less expensive in the long run.

Overseeing contracts and health and safety

No one should ever employ a builder without having a contract in place. Many home renovation projects will need a number of professionals – perhaps an engineer, architect, electrician and plumber – each needing a contract. A good project manager will work with a specialist construction lawyer such as myself to ensure appropriate contracts are in place. A project manager will also tell you what your health and safety responsibilities are. All of this support takes pressure off you and makes the project far less risky and stressful.

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Hiring a project manager should save you money in the end

Working in Cornwall, I have met many people who have attempted to manage their own renovation project, only to find the budget spiralling out of control.  This is also seen repeatedly on programmes such as Grand Designs. Building work becomes very expensive when no one is there to manage contractors’ time. A project manager will help to keep your work on time and within budget. Although you may be reluctant to pay someone to manage the project, it is likely that you will recoup most, if not all of, the cost of the project manager’s fee by the end of the build.

A project manager is a necessity, not a luxury, and should save you stress and money.

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