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Are you Contract Ready?

Posted on September 13, 2012

Do you have your property on the market? Ask yourself are you ‘Contract Ready’?

In a tough market it is important to ensure that as a Seller you are in the best position to move forward with your sale.  This means making your property appeal to the biggest slice of the market possible, including Buyers who want assurance of commitment from a Seller, and those who want to move quickly.

By advertising your property as ‘Contract Ready’ it is a sign to show Buyers that you are committed to an early sale.

Coodes Property Team have joined forces with Lewis Estate Agents, to recognise the importance of showing Buyers that you have instructed a Solicitor at an early stage, and have all information papers completed, so that a Contract can be issued as soon as a sale is agreed.  It is also a stamp of confirmation that a Sellers title deeds have been initially checked by their Solicitors and any problems proving title have been ironed out or are in hand.

Look out for the ‘Contract Ready’ stamps on Lewis Property Boards where Coodes have given Sellers a head start in the Property market.

For more information on how to put yourself in the best position in a competitive property market and to obtain the ‘Contract Ready’ stamp contact Jo Morgan in the Residential Property Team at Coodes Solicitors on 01726 874700 or e-mail


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