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Dispute against partner’s estate

Posted on July 29, 2015

Coodes’ Melanie Grose acted for Mrs R in action against her partner’s estate.  The estate was around £400,000. Mr R had committed suicide and had not updated his will in 25 years resulting in everything being left to his children.  Mrs R had a claim for reasonable financial provision on the basis they lived together as husband and wife but also a claim that the deceased had made a death bed gift to her for around £250,000. This was on the basis that he had passed over ownership of his bank accounts by writing his password to the accounts, and account details on the back of his suicide note and made reference to it being their money. We settled at mediation for a lump sum payment of £250,000 (inclusive of costs).

Find out more about Coodes’ lawyer Melanie Grose.

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