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Failure to treat

Posted on July 29, 2015

Coodes’ Bob Beard acted for Mrs. W’s husband who suffered with cancer but was living a full and active life when he contracted a flu like virus/chest infection and was admitted to hospital via the paramedics for assessment and treatment.  However, upon arrival at hospital, Mr. W. was left lying on a trolley for a number of hours without any effective assessment or treatment and sadly died.  Whilst the hospital sought to allege that Mr. W died as a result of the cancer, we secured independent expert evidence to show that had he been appropriately assessed and treated for his symptoms on admission, he would most likely have made a full recovery from this bout of illness.  We supported and guided Mrs. W through the inquest and claim process. We ensured that Mrs. W’s questions to the hospital were honestly and sensitively answered and whilst we know that nothing can fully compensate for the death of a loved one, a satisfactory financial settlement was agreed between the parties.

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