Evie Marinova, Ivelina Marinova

Ivelina Marinova


Specialist Areas

  • Commercial property litigation
  • Construction disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Corporate disputes
  • Insolvency
  • Business reputation


Evie is a paralegal working on a variety of commercial litigation cases.

Recent case: Debt claim in relation to a contract dispute … Read more

Evie assisted with making a commercial recovery for a client in circumstances where there were substantial legal issues coupled with a significant factual argument about the terms of the contract. As a result of Evie’s tenacity, approximately 80% of the outstanding debt was recovered in circumstances whereby the client had all but ‘written off’ the debt. In considering the issue, Evie balanced the needs of the client as against the overall risk of litigation to provide a commercial outcome that fulfilled the client’s objectives and kept the overall risk to a minimum by avoiding a trial.

Recent case: Defending a breach of contract claim … Read more

Evie successfully defended a £60,000.00 claim instigated by a company against a private local business in relation to an alleged breach of contract. Prior to the instigation of proceedings and as a result of Evie’s knowledge of the court process, the “debt” had been reduced to £9,000.00 and then later during the court process was further reduced to £4,000.00. At trial, the entirety of the claim was dismissed and exceptionally, our client made an almost full cost recovery against the Claimant given that the claim was held to be entirely without merit.

Recent case: Defamation claim against a former employer … Read more

Evie provided assistance in a claim for negligent misstatement and malicious falsehood. At mediation, the client was able to obtain a significant financial reward, have their costs and court expenses met in full and obtain a full apology from the Defendant in relation to this matter which would enable our client to return to their chosen industry. Evie assisted with a number of issues which meant that the mediation was successful and she provided valuable assistance to the wider team.