Coodes is one of the oldest law firms in Cornwall.

Coodes LLP is recognised as one of the leading law firms in Cornwall and Devon and the longest established firm in the region.

We take pride in being rooted in the communities of the south west, serving the business and personal interests of our clients from our extensive branch network of eight offices, ranging geographically from Penzance in the west to Holsworthy in the east.

Many of our lawyers have roots in Devon and Cornwall and thus bring a particular understanding to every legal problem they face.

We provide legal advice across the entire spectrum of business and personal needs, delivered by highly-experienced lawyers, organised according to the needs of our clients. We are open, honest and direct. We strive to explain things in plain English and keep legal jargon to a minimum.

Our firm is led by Peter Lamble, Chairman.

Peter Lamble, Chairman

As an organisation we take pride in our staff, they are a key factor in the delivery of a first class quality of service. Thanks to the skills and business acumen of the dedicated people who work within Coodes, we bring innovative solutions to today’s ever changing legal demands.”  Peter Lamble, Chairman.