Community Land Trusts

Our commercial property team is experienced in advising landowners and community land trusts (CLTs) on allocating or transferring land to affordable housing projects.

The inexorable rise in house prices has made it difficult for many people, particularly residents of Cornwall and Devon, to get onto the property ladder. CLTs are one way of addressing this pressure and many rural communities in the South West are now experiencing the benefits of this new way of creating affordable housing. Our award-winning property team is experienced in CLTs and Community Property Trusts and can support you through the whole process. Our property lawyers are experienced in advising communities and landowners on both forming and contributing land to CLTs and Pam Johns, Coodes’ Rural Services team manager is a board member of the National Community Land Trust Network and a founding Trustee of the Holsworthy Community Property Trust.

Our team of property solicitors is experienced in providing legal assistance to CLTs, helping them navigate the intricacies of acquiring, developing, and managing community-owned land for affordable housing, community facilities, and other community-led initiatives.

We have deep understanding of the legal framework surrounding CLTs, including the Community Land Trust model, charitable law, housing regulations, and planning processes and offer tailored legal solutions to support CLTs at every stage of their operations. From advising on governance structures and drafting legal documentation to facilitating land acquisitions and negotiating agreements, we provide the expertise and guidance necessary to ensure the success and sustainability of CLT projects.

What is a Community Land Trust?

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are non-profit organisations made up of local people who want to provide affordable housing and other community facilities for local residents who would not otherwise be able to afford them. These are particularly relevant in Cornwall and Devon, where the tourism and prevalence of second homes has driven house prices beyond the reach of many local residents, including those who are critical to the maintenance of local services and the agricultural and tourism-focused economy.

A Community Land Trust typically manages land or housing, reserving its ownership for those who live, work, or have strong family ties to the area. There are other criteria, which our specialist lawyers can advise you on.

Like-minded people can set up a CLT to ensure their residents and key workers can continue to live and work in the local area.

Donating land for an exception site

An exception site is an area of land on the edge of a town or village that would not normally be considered for development, but where local planners are willing to make an exception to create affordable housing for local people.

If you are interested in donating land as an exception site, our specialist property lawyers can talk you through the process, helping you understand everything you need to know about CLTs and exception sites.


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