Trespass and Nuisance Claims

We provide expert advice on all types of trespass and nuisance claims, helping our clients achieve a speedy and practical solution wherever possible.

We understand that you have a strong emotional connection to your property as well as a financial one, and that encroachment of any kind can feel very personal as well aggravating. Our experienced team will talk you through the technicalities of the law, breaking down the jargon and helping you to understand your position, your options and any likely costs. Cases of this type can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Trespass can occur in many forms and occurs when someone has unlawfully occupied or enters private land without the consent of the owner and fails to vacate. Other examples of trespass include squatting on private land, remaining on land following the expiry of a lease or licence and encroaching on a neighbour’s land.
  • A nuisance also covers a variety of issues and arises when a person is doing something on their land which is interfering with someone else’s right to enjoyment of their land which gives rise to an inconvenience or damage.

There are a number of options if you believe you have an action in trespass or nuisance. These can include a claim for damages, compensation for any loss, or injunctive relief and will help you to understand which options apply and how best to advance your case. In each instance, your claim will be influenced by the extent of the inconvenience, whether any malice has been intended, the intensity of the situation and the predispositions of the individuals concerned. In most cases, we will be able to help you achieve a resolution without recourse to the court. However, if court action is required, our team are skilled and experienced advocates.

If you have a trespass or nuisance dispute or are concerned that one is developing, contact us for advice.


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